Lake Tahoe Aerial Arts Youth Program

Living in North Lake Tahoe and Truckee offers tremendous opportunities to enjoy amazing outdoor adventures. In addition, there are local offerings for children to explore creative expression through workshops around the Lake Tahoe basin. One of these great workshops is the Tahoe Flow Arts studio in Tahoe Vista, California.

Tahoe Flow Aerial Arts

The Tahoe Flow Arts Youth Program provides unparalleled performance art training in aerial fabric, dance, and yoga. They have created a sacred space that turns students and teachers into one big family.

Aerial arts with fabric, often referred to as aerial silk, involves performers executing acrobatic movements while suspended from a length of fabric. This form of art combines elements of dance, gymnastics, and circus performance. The fabric is typically rigged from a height and performers use it to climb, wrap, twist, and suspend themselves in various poses and sequences.

Children, especially, usually have the strength and determination to succeed in aerial arts. But it is a great workout for parents too.

Health and Wellness Benefits

Strength building: Aerial arts require significant upper body, core, and grip strength to support and maneuver the body while suspended. Over time, practitioners develop strong muscles throughout their body, particularly in the arms, shoulders, back, and core.

Flexibility: Performing movements on the fabric often involves stretching and elongating the body, which can improve flexibility and range of motion over time. Regular practice can help participants achieve greater flexibility in their joints and muscles.

Balance and coordination: Aerial arts demand precise coordination and balance as performers navigate through different poses and transitions while suspended in the air. Practitioners develop enhanced proprioception (awareness of body position) and coordination skills.

Cardiovascular fitness: Aerial arts can provide a cardiovascular workout, especially during dynamic sequences and routines that involve continuous movement. This can help improve cardiovascular endurance and stamina.

Mental focus and concentration: Executing aerial maneuvers requires intense concentration and mental focus. Participants must stay present and focused on their movements, which can enhance mental clarity and mindfulness.

Creativity and self-expression: Aerial arts offer opportunities for creative expression through movement and choreography. Participants can explore their artistic side while building strength and flexibility.


In each session, they focus on specific concentrations to guide your child through their journey in aerial fabric. All students must be able to complete each of the required concentrations to be able to attend the youth aerial fabric level 1 class.

Aerial Fabric Basic Concentrations:
1. Knot & Single foot lock w/ double fabric progression and French climb
2. Single foot lock w/ split fabric progression
3. Hip key progression and Russian climb
4. Double foot lock w/ split fabric and cross-back straddle
5. Inversions, front & back balances and climbs‍


What child wouldn't love developing skills circus style? Dive into the many circus arts including aerial fabrics, aerial sling, trapeze, aerial lyra/hoop, dance, hula hoop and more!


To join, Tahoe Flow Artists must be enrolled in their 14 or 16-week program(s). ​

If interested in performing for their performance company Tahoe Flow Artists, they will be offering performance intensives leading up to performances. There will be performance opportunities for the kids at the Annual Holiday Bazaar every December, and a variety of performance opportunities throughout the year.

Location: 6921 North Lake Blvd., Tahoe Vista CA 96148 Click here for more information.

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