Mountain Cabin Holiday Ideas

Blanket with pinecones and christmas decorations.

Decorating your mountain cabin at Lake Tahoe during the holiday season can be a great way to explore design ideas that can last year-round.

Of course, the Christmas tree will come and go, along with the outdoor Christmas lights. However, decorating for the holidays can put you in a cozy frame of mind that will allow you to create a charming ambiance for your mountain cabin.


Christmas lights on cabiner

Consider stringing small white lights across your cabinet tops. Even when the holidays have passed, these little lights can bring warmth and charm to create a more rustic kitchen. As soft ‘night lights’ they provide a cozy feel to plain kitchen cabinets.

Choose holiday decorations from antique stores so that you can prop little figurines, antique plates, interesting ornaments among garlands and lights. Later, you may remove the garland, but the lights and figurines will add a charming touch to your kitchen.

Berry stalks and other artificial plants can add color pop all year round when placed in ceramic pitchers or vases around counter tops.

Front Door

When creating the wreath that will hang on your front door, explore the local trails for uniquely Tahoe treasures. If you use an artificial pine sprig on a ring, you can incorporate local pinecones and ribbons that might be appropriate for all seasons. You can add sprigs of fresh greens for the holidays – or add them all year round.

Try to find ribbons that capture both the holiday feel, but would also incorporate a touch of a rustic or country design. Burlap ribbon or other organic cotton ribbons can be mixed with the traditional red or green. Consider using unpainted wooden ornaments and other designs that capture Lake Tahoe mountain living.

Be creative. Spray pinecones the same color as any trim on your house. Just because you've seen traditional wreathes in Christmas colors, doesn't mean that you can't try something innovative.

Indoor Decorations

Consider a neutral spray color over everyday ornaments in silvers, whites or golds. Mix ornaments with holiday themes that are also appropriate all year - like stars and bells. You can decorate with holiday inspiration, but will create unique designs for all seasons.

Use pine cones and other treasures you find on your walks through the woods. Wrap some twigs with twine in little bundles. Use small burlap bags to fill with pinecones, small ornaments and tiny presents. Ribbons and berry stalks can add color to the natural and rugged textures you use as a base.

Later, you can replace the Christmas ornaments with colorful trinkets to change the colors to match the changing seasons. The little twig rolls and small bags can stay on the shelves all year.

Holiday Magic

String your tree with home-made garlands, using dried berries, popcorn, pine cones and other unique treasures. Consider wrapping and gluing gingham ribbon on regular ornaments to add interesting textures, using natural twine to tie them to the tree.

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By combining textures and colors with organic and simple bases, you can create an elegant and rustic style for your Lake Tahoe mountain cabin. The best part is that after the holidays, your cabin will retain all of the charm you created.

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